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Yagi-uda or simply Yagi (as generally but less correctly called) antenna or Yagis are the most high gain antennas and are named after Professors S. Uda and H. Yagi.
This popular antenna design has been adopted by many antenna manufactures over the years and JAG Electromagnetics is no exception. We have made many small improvements to the Yagi design due to the development of new materials and techniques.


JAG Electromagnetics’ Yagi Antenna Series are offered in the standard 2, 3, and 7 element designs ranging in frequencies from 400-512 MHz and 800-1000 MHz. All of our antennas can be finished with a Chromate Conversion Coating "Alodine" MIL-C-81706/MIL-DTL-81706 or left in their natural aluminum finish.

  • Rugged fully welded design to withstand harsh environments
  • Mounting hardware will allow vertical or horizontal polarization
  • DC grounded for lightning protection

JAG Electromagnetics offers a common technique for increasing the gain of a Yagi antenna system by stacking 2 or more Yagis of the same design in phase as illustrated below with resulting radiation patterns.  This method allows for higher gain Yagi antennas without the added boom length. Since very long booms result in many mechanical challenges such as wind loading, stacking Yagi beams becomes an attractive design alternative for achieving higher gain.

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