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As frequencies become more and more congested, efficiency becomes a priority. For this reason antennas having broadband frequency response characteristics become desirable. Not only does this reduce tower loading but it also reduces problems introduced by closely spaced antennas at crowded RF sites.


JAG Flange Antenna

The primary difference between our antennas and the ones offered throughout the world is our quality. Our antennas are all hand built with quality materials and workmanship, rigorously tested, and shipped with the highest level of care. We offer all of our customers the option to personally customize each antenna or develop their own.

One such customizable option is to have your folded dipole antenna mast terminated with a lightning rod. All lightning rods are made from stainless steel to ensure good corrosion resistance and eliminate bi-metal reactions. Our standard option consists of a stainless steel bolt fed through the machined end cap. The stainless steel bolt allows for a corrosion free low resistance area for any potential lightning strikes as the surrounding aluminum oxidizes over time.

JAG Electromagnetics’ quality standards specify heavy-duty antenna support masts and details that include TIG welds, stainless steel hardware, and our own extreme heavy-duty natural rubber protected cable junctions. Only the highest quality, corrosion resistant materials are used throughout our products, to ensure long life and superior performance.


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