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JAG Electromagnetics has tried to anticipate the needs of its customers by developing its own standard product line. However, from to time to time the standard product line is not enough and so we offer custom antenna design and fabrication for those customers who have extra-ordinary requirements. Whether that encompasses special mast design, higher gain, special radiation pattern, or electrical up or down tilts in access of 10 degrees, JAG Electromagnetics can accommodate.


For situations where antennas are too long to fit into narrow and height constricted passages (as most high-rise buildings pose for installers), we have custom manufactured this flange system to segment antennas. This feature allows 4-bay VHF and 8-bay UHF folded dipole antennas (traditionally to long to bring to a rooftop though a building) to be broken down into 2 or 4 pieces. In this way antennas can easily fit into standard Otis and equivalent elevators.

Pictured to the left is a custom segmented JAG antenna side mounted with future expansion in mind (bottom flange left open for future additions). Additional bays can be added with the same or different frequency.

Some antenna system designs implore for extra-ordinary customization. This was the case when JAG antennas were installed on the CN tower in Toronto Canada. Structures like the CN Tower and very tall concrete smokestacks (such as the Hearn Generating Station 705 ft tall smokestack) affect antenna placement, mounting, and radiation coverage pattern in a big way and special considerations have to be taken into account when dealing with these types of structures.



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