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JAG Electromagnetics offers some of the best clamps in the industry. We offer a range of standard clamp designs and can also design and fabricate any number of custom clamps for unique mounting scenarios. Our clamps are constructed from a range of materials with appropriate tensile and yield strengths. Tensile strengths may vary anywhere from 50 MPa (7000 psi) for aluminum to as high as 3000 MPa (450,000 psi) for high-strength steels.


JAG Mount

Pipe to pipe clamps are standard accessories in this industry. We offer this popular design for all standard pipe sizes ranging from clamps that join two 1-1/2" OD to 3-1/2" OD round members to clamps that join 1-1/2" - 3-1/2" OD pipe to 8" - 16" OD pipe. Clamps for larger pipe sizes or custom pipe sizes can be fabricated if requested by the customer.

We have developed some of our own clamps for our yagi and external harness antennas. These clamps can also be used in other mounting applications that require perpendicular pipe-to-pipe mounting to join ½” to 1-1/2" OD to 1-1/2 to 2" OD round members. These clamps have a grooved teeth pattern to prevent slippage and provide good electrical connection.

Stainless steel is desired in most mounting applications due to their resilience in highly corrosive environments. As a result we offer a wide range of stainless steel hardware and U-bolts. We fabricate our own U-bolts in both round and V-bolt configurations. We can custom manufacture U-bolts to customer specified dimensions, material, and finish/coating if desired.



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